Sunrise Malibu Beach Engagement

I just loved this sunrise, Malibu beach, engagement photo session with Liz and Rick. These two have been my long time friends and I am so happy to see them more in love then ever. Let me just say, sunrise engagement shoots are where it’s at! The getting up early part is hard to think about the night before. However, once the morning arrives, the excitement of the day immediately chases that away.

Before our photo session, I worked with Liz and Rick to understand their excitement and vision for the day. We created a mood board and talked a lot about styling. Liz and Rick decided on simple attire and wanted to compliment the surrounding colors of the landscape. We were more then ready for our shoot and could not wait for the day to arrive!

The Malibu, sunrise, photoshoot day came soon enough! Full of morning giggles, fresh faces and jokes all around Liz, Rick and I ventured to the beach. We were stoked it was finally here! Liz and Rick could not wait to take their photos. Slight nerves may have been in the air, but as soon as our toes hit the sand we were off running. A little champaign was helpful too. 🙂 

We walked out to the water and scanned the breathtaking setting. Towering rock formations scattered the beach as the sun began to peak over the first. I turned back to Liz and Rick and they had already found a flow of being themselves. Laughing and flirting, I began capturing their cuteness. Going off of their energy and vibe, I asked them to continue as if I was not there. I wanted them to enjoy themselves, have fun and take in the sunrise together. I believe the best images come from my couples sharing in the moment and being true to them. And Oh Em Gee do these two have a love language!

Continuing to go off of their playfulness, I prompted them with more movements and asked them to interact with parts of the setting. These two were not afraid of the water! They enjoyed climbing on rocks and even played hide and seek in the cave tunnels. A sunrise can happen so fast, but these two somehow slowed time down. It also helped that the sun began rising over and over again above each new rock formation.

There was so much light for play! While dancing in the casted shadows, I realized the rays were bouncing off the side of the rock. I couldn’t get Liz and Rick to them fast enough! Some jump squats later, I may have started to get out of breath! I forgot to mention I was six months pregnant! 

I feel so alive and free, when I get to capture so much love and happiness. Engagement sessions are about more than just taking beautiful photos. They are another way to celebrate your time together, before you fully commit your love. They also allow us to get to know each other and offer an opportunity to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

I am so happy with how these photos turned out. Liz and Rick’s love shines through and is just contagious! This was such a beautiful morning and we created the best memories.

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Photographer // @ChristinaPerhacPhoto
Dresses // @viccidolls

February 24, 2022



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